College Programme

US college education right here in Marbella

Steven Palmer Golf Academy has joined forces with the American College in Spain in order for ACS to provide the academics to students enrolled in our golf program.


Steven's dedication to the athletic and educational development of young expert level golfers is encapsulated in this programme, which follows in the same vein as his Elite Academy programme with the added ability to begin a US College Degree.


After spending several years coaching aspiring young tour professionals it soon became clear that the kind of support available for these players was insufficient at best, which led him to create a programme providing:


·      Individualised training and coaching plans for each student

·      A full tournament schedule including 4 WAGR events

·      A base at a great venue at which to train, play and practice

·      The opportunity to complete a US High School diploma and begin a US College Degree through our "2+2" programme, with the goal of sending the student over to the US ready to compete at the highest level


For more information on this unique programme, please contact us!