Our Philosophy



A huge part of productive coaching is working on things in the right order, and understanding how a player's swing works. Only then can a player begin to work on things that will give almost instant results. Building a swing by a method, or step-by-step, is grossly inefficient, de-motivating and will often take months before seeing any positive results...if you even stick it out for the duration!

Work on the thing that is affecting your golf ball the most. Eventually, you'll still end up with a great swing, but you will have played better and better golf during the process!




Using technology such as Trackman, force plates and K-Vest offer the chance for the golfer to have measurable markers of improvement. A common fear of technology is information overload, which is the total opposite of what should happen when it's used correctly! Once the main areas of necessary improvements are identified, these tools offer tangible measurements and feedback to ensure that the player's practice habits and the input given by the4 coach are effective.






Golf is a game so full of poor and "cliché" information it's no wonder that most golfers minds are so clouded with destructive thoughts. Stripping back the fluff and helping players of all abilities understand the concepts of what is essential to good golf is a key component of the development of any player. Once a player understands the basic physics of club and ball impact (which rarely takes longer than a few minutes), the player is clear and liberated from the constraints of bad advice and is then able to approach the game logically.




A common misconception of taking golf lessons is that they're confusing and that you have to get worse for months of practice before seeing any improvements. If this is your impression, then you have had bad golf lessons! If you work on your game correctly, you should see improvement within your FIRST LESSON! Only occasionally you may be in a situation where you are so far out of position that it takes a little longer, however your coach should be able to explain this to you so that you know what to expect.