Elite Academy

Unrivalled support for aspiring pros

Steven's Elite Academy programme was originally designed to solve the problems he felt as a young aspiring Tour Professional. With an unrelenting passion and desire to succeed, he spent his young professional life searching for the formula that would see him become a successful Tour Professional and, after years on the mini tours, it became very clear how big the divide is between those on the main tours and those on the lower tiers when it came to player support and availability of Tour Level coaching.

Seeing talented players fail due to a lack of quality support and information was something Steven found increasingly hard to accept and, after countless hours of study, experimentation, innovation and experience, he produced a programme that truly brings Tour Level coaching affordably to those who need it most.





The programme takes on a small number of passionate, motivated aspiring Tour Professionals at a time and provides:


  • Unlimited use of our practice facilities
  • Daily use of the golf course
  • Unlimited, personalised coaching in all areas technical, physicsal and mental
  • A unique, intense, fun learning and practice atmosphere
  • Airport transfers and accommodation
  • Full support in many other areas to ensure maximum efficiency and progression


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